Margaux’s Baptism Invitation

I have been asked by my sister to create a design for my niece’s baptism invitation. So I had come up with this design.


I have sent the design to my sister. She asked me to include the address of the reception and a map for the back page of the invitation.




Joining a Logo Design Contest

I have been joining multiple logo design contest in This site has helped me experienced a competition where there are a lot of good designers . As a budding designer seeing their designs is intimidating but somehow amazing. I was actually lucky enough to make it as a finalist on one of the contest I joined.

Here are the designs that I have submitted.

Kai’s Invitation Card Design

Last January 2016. I started creating concepts for my son’s invitation card. I have looked for inspiration in Pinterest to check for any superhero themed invitation.

I started creating the superhero illustration, once I had all the assets I need like Kai’s picture. I came up with this version of the design for the invitation.

So after several trial and feedback from my wife. I had finally had came up with this design.